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August 4, 2008

16 oz Travel Tin Soy Candle

Are you the person who goes camping?  Are you the person who gets a candle out when the power goes out?   Or are you just the person who likes to enjoy a great soy candle for the rich aroma scents that spread through the air and comfortly relax you all night?   Well, whether it is for that long three day trip into the wild, or for that emergency reason, and even for your personal enjoyment, we have a candle for you!  Our 16 oz travel tin soy candle will bring you light in just about anywhere.   With the revolutionary style, the candle is easily portable and comes with a screw on cap so that you can take the candle anywhere!

Natural hand poured, clean burning, pure fragrant soy candles stylishly packed in sleek Travel tin. Ideal for outdoor vacations, hotel room or take away on short trips. Light up to enjoy your favorite aromas anywhere you travel, with non allergic, eco friendly soy candles. Our 16oz. soy Travel Tin candles are available in more than 70 long lasting aromas to choose from and contain 16 ounces of organic natural soy with double pure cotton lead free-wicks, to burn for approximately 120 to 150 hours.

Let rich aromas waft when you light up a Natural Soy Travel Tin candle bringing you pleasure and relaxation. Sleek, metallic sheen Travel Tins make perfect corporate and personal gifts.


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