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October 21, 2008

16oz Soy Candle with Silver Lampshade

Looking for a  candle that will burn for longer than 6 days?  Are you looking for something that may blend in with your house accents?  How about something for the middle of the kitchen table for decoration?   Here at My-Soy-Candles I'm pround to announce our bigger 16 ounce Lampshade soy candle which looks great, smells better, and lasts a long time!   We are so confident that you will love this candle, or who ever you purchase it for will adore this candle and enjoy every second of it's wonderful scent. 

Bigger hand poured all natural organic soy wax candle now available with an elegant silver lampshade. Beautiful star cut out patterns add elegance to the delightful aromatic soy candle. Light it and enjoy hours of bliss in the warm comfort of soft starlight and pleasant aromas. Choose your favorite fragrance from a range of over 70 different aromas. Chic silver, star cut lampshades on hand poured soy candles in glass jars make attractive lamps too. 16 oz. of pure scented soy wax burns clean for over 130 hours unfurling subtle aromas. Just the gift you were looking for on birthdays, housewarming, between friends or even on special occasions.

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